Golden Baboons Mining Club


On the website, there is a registration “pre-sale” sign-up form that will allow shareholders, token holders and prospective holders the ability to register to take part in the early “minting” of the golden baboons. After the initial mint, you can buy one/them on a secondary market like, and

NFTs are registered on the blockchain. The blockchain keeps a ledger or receipt of ownership. One can copy the image of the famous painting of the “Mona Lisa” but when someone wants to buy it for millions of dollars, they are not coming to you, but going to the owner of record. If there are “royalties”, again, they will go to the owner(s) of record. These collections of images often come with a “utility” which gives additional value to the image. These images act as a membership of sorts and allow you to be a part of a community of individuals with like interests. Being an NFT holder can often offer other benefits such as discounts, access to future things etc. Companies can use ownership of their NFTs as a means of rewarding their member base. With Golden Baboons, their main utility is their backing the project with real gold.

Yes, the company will set aside a set amount of gold once the official collection count has been solidified. There will be 2 tiers – the 10 Legendary 1 of 1’s will be backed by 1 troy ounce worth of gold and the remaining NFTs will be backed by 1/2 a gram of gold! 

The NFT is NOT redeemable but like its token, the collection has been backed by the company’s physical gold holdings. The goal is NOT to exchange your NFT for gold as this is a collectible which is a part of an overall collection. The collection like all other NFT collections, will trade on the merit of it’s collectibility, rarity and value to the holder and prospective buyer, but unlike all other NFT projects that can essentially go to ZERO, the gold backing will inevitably give the project a FLOOR value based on the price of gold. A 1/2 gram at the moment is around $30.

The Mint Date for allowlist (presale for shareholders and token holders) is on Feb 28th, Whitelist registrants will Mint on March 6th and the project will open to the Public on March 13th which is also the day of the REVEAL.

“Minting” is the term used for the initial sale of the NFT. Like when a coin or money is made it is MINTED and then after it is traded or exchanged. When you MINT, you have NO IDEA of what you will end up getting. It is a “grab bag” of sorts. We run the NFTS through a generator where we choose different rarity levels for each trait and for each category or attribute. The program can create 1000s of unique NFTs where we later randomly place the 10 legendary NFTs within the batch.

Remember, there are only 10 Legendary ones, with 8,888 in the collection, the odds are 1:888

The size of the collection and price is 8888 (prosperity #) and prices is set at .03 for allowlist, .04 for whitelist and .05 for the public. Be sure to register for the best possible discount.

Shareholder and Token holders will be allowed to get early access and a discounted price versus the general public. This is the presale that one must register for on the website. Simply fill out the google form to register. This allowlist will let each wallet address mint up to 10 NFTS the day of the presale. Shareholder have/had till Feb 22nd, 2023 to register. Registrartion for Whitelist will run from February 23rd – March 5th.

For those that signed up and registered on for the “Allow List”, one will have windows of time between Feb 28th and March 6th. The company is aware that initial wallet set-up and funding of these wallets has taken additional time and our goal is to accommodate the shareholders and token holders the best we can.

You can register for whitelist and mint once again on March 7th for .04ETH, there is the option of multiple wallets and mint will be unlimited. Come March 13th, prices will rise to .05ETH and be open to the public. The 13th will be the REVEAL also. Last, there is always the secondary markets such as etc.

Yes. The most popular wallet used for the ethereum blockchain is a MetaMask wallet, although some use the Coinbase wallet or trust wallet. CLICK HERE to learn more about a metamask wallet.

Not directly, but there is a way. If you have AABBG tokens, you will need to exchange/swap them for ETH (ethereum) in order to purchase the NFTS.

Yes, we suggest that holders and prospective holders follow both our twitter account and join our discord community.