Golden Baboons Mining Club

Love Gold?

Well you’ve found the right place. Welcome to Tequila Falls, home of the Golden Baboons Mining Club. An NFT collection backed by real GOLD!

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About The Project

The Golden Baboons Mining Club is a new and exciting NFT Project from Asia Broadband. The company, who already have their own crypto coin ($AABBG) and their own exchange are no strangers to Web3. The Golden Baboons Mining Club (GBMC) is a fun complement to Asia Broadband’s other entities and provides an opportunity for both shareholders and tokenholders to own a collectible NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Like its “gold backed token” (AABBG) the NFT collection will also be backed the company’s REAL physical gold!

The project also owns Metaverse land in the Otherside, a collection owned by the infamous Yuga Labs. NFT holders will soon be able to vacate our virtual land we named “Tequila Falls” derived from the folklore behind the Gold Baboons’ origin. 

We are currently in Phase 3 of the MINT and allowing everyone to participate.

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The Lore of the Golden Baboons

In a beautiful paradise called “Tequila Falls” located deep within the rainbow atmosphere of the otherside, live a highly intelligent, humble, and hard-working breed of golden baboons. 

Ancient lore passed down to the elders, tell a tale of a young scout named Ahbibi. His role was simple, scavenge the land in search for food, drink, and resources of value to the clan.


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The theme song "JOIN THE GBMC" was created by BrandYn Burnette, a recording artist with over 100M + streams. He loves making hits aka "bangers" for your favorite artists & NFT projects like the Golden Baboons, y00ts, Street Machine, Quirkies and many others. Cool Fact: Brandyn received 4 YES's when he auditioned for American Idol back in the day.