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Welcome to the Golden Baboons & Golden Rascals

Golden Rascals & Ordinal Baboons are Now Minting

The founders of the Golden Baboons Mining Club on the Ethereum blockchain are spicing it up with an all NEW collection of greedy evil bad guys, titled “The Golden Shorts Rascal Club”.  The digital series of 8888 NFTs are coming to the Solana blockchain this February! Tequilla Falls will NEVER be the same again as the Golden Rascals have infiltraded our beloved baboons’ golden paradise. These mischievous tricksters are ready to steal Ahbibi’s clans’ precious gold, money and tequila. 

The team didn’t stop there! As NFTS on the Bitcoin blockchain gained popularity and demand increased from both investors and collectors, it was an easy decision to bring a small limited edition collection of Ordinal Baboons to the mix. This series of 888 with 20 legendary 1:1s truly makes us a multi-chained project as our footprint lies on the ethereum, solana and now bitcoin blockchains.

The Golden Baboons and Golden Rascals web3 projects are focused on GOLD and Entertainment for their shareholders and NFT collectors. If you too love GOLD and investing, you’re in the right place. Our project offers lots of fun… we’re a social club of sorts, so check out more about us.