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How To Claim Your Rascal(s)

Here you will find Step by Step information on how one claims their Golden Rascal if they are a Golden Baboon holder. We will be having a SNAPSHOT on Thursday Night 2/15/2024 @ 11:59:59PM. 

For those wondering what a “snapshot” is… it is when we take a look at the smart contract and take a view of all the holders wallets. We seek to know how many Golden Baboons each wallet holds to determine the FREE CLAIM/Airdrop allocations of our new Golden Rascals NFT collection. 

As previously announced, for every 2 Golden Baboons a specific unique wallet holds, they will be entitled to 1 Golden Rascal on Solana. What does that mean? Example: If you have 4 total baboons where you have 1 baboon in a wallet and 3 in another wallet and because you have 4 all together, it doesn’t mean you will earn 2, in fact you will ONLY earn 1 as the wallet with just 1 doesn’t qualify because it doesn’t hold 2 and the one with 3 will earn 1. This is where one may want to MAXIMIZE their holdings prior to the SNAPSHOT by organizing their wallets so there is an EVEN NUMBER quantity in each or grab an additional on to make it an even number so you earn an additional Rascal. 

ALL TRADING AFTER THE SNAPSHOT will NOT affect your amount of free claims/airdrop(s). What does that mean…If you go and buy 6 Golden Baboons on the floor on Friday Feb. 16th (or after) you will NOT be entitled to any additional claims because we already took the SNAPSHOT. 

Do I need to do anything? The snapshot deadline simply allows the project to have a number to go by, announcing that deadline in advance allows or allowed holders the ability to optimize their free claim by evening their wallets out.



In Order to Claim, You NEED a Solana Wallet!

If the SNAPSHOT passed, you are OK. Whatever baboons you hold in your wallet(s) will still be eligible for the claim. To figure out how many, you must divide your baboon total by 2 (remember it was 1:2) and then round down if you hold an UNEVEN amount.

Ok, so your wallet holds Baboons (GREAT!), but there is still WORK for you to do to actually get these Rascals.

  • 1st, YOU NEED TO OPEN A SOLANA wallet. (Click here to see how)
  • 2nd, YOU NEED TO ATTACH You ETH Wallet(s) with your Solana wallet(s). You can do this by going HERE
  • 3rd, having this SOLANA Wallet is also imperative to be able to participate in the Pre-Sale and the Whitelist.
  • 4th, Again, without the Solana wallet and having it attached to your ETH address, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE YOUR CLAIM.

SPECIAL NOTE: In anticipation of the 1:2 claim, we will be minting 4444 (1/2 the collection) and placing the remaining unclaimed in the project VAULT. So, if a holder 6 months from now finally sees there was a new project and never knew about the claim, they could verify both their ETH and SOL wallets and receive their claimable Rascal NFTS.

Another common question is… DO WE NEED TO HAVE SOLANA IN THE WALLET? The answer is NO as you are receiving an airdrop into your wallet. If you wish to MINT during any of the 3 phases (Pre-Sale, Whitelist or Public) then you obviously will need funds to purchase/mint the NFT(s).