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All About the Golden Baboons & Rascals


The Golden Baboons concept was born back in late 2022 and after many months, was successfully launched and minted out by the summer of 2023. The founders, an actual publicly traded gold mining company named Asia Broadband (ticker: AABB), had a passionate shareholder base that loved GOLD. The company, whom have multiple mines in Mexico, the most famous in Tequila, have been building its processing plant and mineral testing lab as its estimated to have an $800 million Gold & Silver Stockpile to process. Essentially, knowing this build process would take time, the founders effectively bolstered their digital assets division by developing its own gold backed crypto token (AABBG), a crypto wallet (AABBG wallet which uses the ALGO network) and ofcourse the Golden Baboons Mining Club NFT Collection on the Ethereum blockchain.


In 2021-2022, It is rumored that a shareholder was impressed with how shareholders of GameStop and AMC banded together on social media forums such as Reddit and others found hard like an army during the bearmarket where it seemed easy for wallstreet bankers and market makers had their way with smaller, undercapitalized companies in hopes of shorting or suppressing their share price. AMC holders called themselves Apes and were known as the “Ape Army”, so shareholders kept the “primate” theme and when pronouncing Asia Broadband’s stock ticker (AABB) like “AaaBh” is where they¬†developed “Baaaboon” and since the company was a GOLD miner and their being an actual species named as such, Golden Baboons were born!


Now that the company knew its base character was going to be Golden Baboons, they needed a supply #, a storyline or folklore, and utility (a web3 word used for perks or benefits). The quantity was 8888, a good luck # which symbolizes prosperity within many Asian cultures was chosen as the company consumates a lot of its business with Asian investors. The utility was an easy one, and since their crypto coin (AABBG) was backed by GOLD, why not offer backing the NFTS the same way. In addition, the company was offering the NFTS to its shareholder community as an intro into Web3. For many of them, this was their 1st NFT ever bought and owned. It was essential to offer education and eventual entertainment (read more) with hopes of creating a social environment online that “gelled” the shareholder base. The company also saw this an opportunity to reach web3 investors whom could become actual shareholders after learning about Asia Broadband’s potential.


The NFT base character gave the company a new fun look, a mascot of sorts. The Golden Baboon was named ‘Ahbibi’ again like the AABB ticker symbol. A lore was created (read here) that meshed the golden metaverse land plot bought in the OtherSide (YUGA LABS OtherDeeds) with the actual Mexican gold mines and Tequila because hey why not, its fun and thats where their gold mine is conveniently located. A song was produced and recorded for the project by Brandyn Burnette (an aspiring Web3 music artist and former American Idol contestant). The lyrics of “Join the GBMC” tell of the lore and can be purchased here as a Solana music NFT. The lore, music, and nft traits bring depth to the newly created intellectual property (IP) which will offer valuable options for the company to expand on in the future… which leads us to the Golden Rascals, the new collection and a move from Ethereum to Solana!


After a successful MINT OUT of the original Baboon collection, as a project, we kept building through the bear market. Our goal is to continue to offer more and to expand the IP. Although the baboons may disagree, they couldn’t have it be peaceful in their Tequila Falls paradise filled with unlimited spoils of food, gold and tequila… so we introduced the Shorts Rascal Club. These are antagonists to our beloved baboons. The “shorts”, a wallstreet term, will add an immense array of storyline options and future gamification for the IP as we now have a good guys -vs- bad guys story model. The team, along with the holders, struggled on just 1 rascal base character, so we went with 4! The rascals were born and will include lions, bears, crocodiles and hyenas. Solana’s fast transaction speed and low gas fees will allow the flexibility every founder dreams of in the near future. We believe being “multichained” puts our project in the best position to be successful. Thank you for learning more about us.