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Everything to do with WHITE LIST & PRESALE

Q: How can I register my Solana wallet for the Golden Rascals Whitelist?

A: There are multiple ways one can register for our Whitelist. 1) We have a sign up form (Click here), 2) We are working with selected Solana based Collab partners. So far that project list includes (…) so if you are a holder of an NFT in the mentioned project, you shall qualify.

Q: When is the Golden Rascals PRE-SALE and what is the Price?

A: Pre-sale will begin Feb 16th at 3PM EST. Whitelist price will be .888 SOL. Public mint proce will be 1 Solana.

Q: What Solana projects qualified for WHITELIST?

A: As of today, the following Solana project holders will have allowlist/whitelist ability for the upcoming Golden Rascals MINT: Angry Apes Society, 

Everything to do with GAME NIGHTS

Q: When is POKER NIGHT, How do I play and Where are the tournaments held? 

A: Wednesday nights are Poker Nights for the Golden Baboons and Golden Rascals. We team up with the Green Visor Gang to run our popular Wednesday night event. A twitter space opens at 9:30PM EST (space links can easily be found by following the @goldenbaboons or @greenvisorgang accounts on X. The space goes over the latest project updates and concludes around 10:15PM when gameplay starts. We use the ClubGG app. (room 515092) The PASSWORD to enter and register is announced in both the GVG and Golden Baboons DISCORD ROOMS ( #poker-chat. We ask that your ClubGG name and Discord Name match as it makes for easier verification if you win.  Top prize is usually a Golden Baboon NFT or a Golden Rascals NFT.