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Both Golden Baboons Bingo cards on ETH and Golden Shorts Rascal Club Bingo cards on SOL are valid for game play. These GAME CARDS are actual NFTs and are VALID for whenever we play BINGO on Thursday nights. To find the twitter space LINK, please follow @goldenbaboons on (formerly twitter) to stay updated with the latest space links and entertainment info.

The Game Night space opens at 8pm and for the first 30 minutes we go through that night’s schedule, the rules and introduce any special guests or sponsors.

How do I get BINGO CARDS? Easy, you may earn one on occasion from a project founder or community manager as we like to give game sponsors some as a thank you for their NFT prize donation. Other ways you can get your hands on them are by purchasing them on secondary markets such as and (both links will lead you directly to the BINGO CARDS)

Last, Original Baboon holders had a FREE CLAIM back in early September of 2023. Baboon NFTs purchased on the secondary markets most likely no longer have eligibility due to the seller already claiming their FREE Card. If you do own Golden Baboons and are unsure if they are still eligible, please visit CLAIM BABOON BINGO CARDS at


First, let it be known, the more cards you play, the better your odds or chances to win. Next, please know or write down the token ID for each individual bingo card. This will be used to VERIFY a correct BINGO. Here are what TIPS card owners have shared with us on how they play. 

  • PRINT your game cards out on sheets of paper.
    • Slide them in a clear folder and mark-up with dry erase markers
    • Use pennies or cheerios to mark the numbers
  • Add your images to digital editing programs on your computer or mobile device.
    • Use the mark up pen on highlighter mode or 70% opacity so you can still view the number after its marked.


When the game is being played, we ask all non essential speakers to drop down as a listener. When one is 1 number away for a BINGO, we ask you to request to speak so that if you do have BINGO, you will be able to announce it as half the fun of winning is the ability to yell “B-I-N-G-O!” When some one has BINGO, DO NOT CLEAR YOUR CARDS because there have been plenty of games where someone has made a mistake and did not have a correct bingo and the game went on. If you have BINGO, a space host will ask if you have a Baboon Bingo card or a Rascal Bingo card and then the token ID# to verify the BINGO. 

If the speaker panel is FULL and you are 1 away, please stay requested and if you get BINGO while in request mode, EMOJI like crazy and we will remove someone to get you up on stage to verify.


Our goal for BINGO NIGHT is to have fun while providing a fair and balanced atmosphere so everyone has a chance to win. With that said, here are some important RULES we have recently added.

  1. Players can play as many cards as they wish, but can only win 1 time a night. (i) If playing with a spouse, family member or friend, there is a limit to 2 WINS per household and the player must have their own twitter account in the room.
  2. Game winners will be allowed to request a song. We ask the song be upbeat, within the genre and time era.
  3. Prizes will be sent to the wallet attached to the winning BINGO card unless its on a different blockchain.
  4. Please allow up to 24 hours for prizes to be delivered.
  5. In case of a TIE where we have multiple winners and only 1 prize, we will have a “Rock Paper Scissors” battle (best out of 3) to name a winner and the runner-ups will receive a consolation prize from the community wallet. 


We are looking to start a progressive game at the end of the night in the near future. This game would only be available to players that have REGISTERED and PAID for each of their CARDS (Max 3). We will then announce the POT where the game will be a COVERALL where the player has to get BINGO within the 60 balls max that can be called. If no one gets BINGO within the 60 balls, the pot progresses to the following week, growing until someone wins. We would like to start after the Rascals mint and we have thoroughly researched online regulations. 





As you see in our past flyer, we play a 5 game schedule every Thursday evening at 8PM EST. The first 3 or 4 games will always be open for collaboration with participating sponsors. The last game or 2 will be reserved for Golden Baboons and/or Rascals NFT prizes (Game Hosts).

We ask that a potential sponsor donate an NFT or NFTS (We strive for a prize valued at $25+) to be used as the game’s prize. The sponsor will be allowed 10 minutes to talk about their project to our player audience. We have averaged an audience between 30-100 players any given week. We will also donate 10-20 BINGO NFT Cards (valid for that night and any future Bingo Nights) to pass out to your holders so that they can have fun, support your project and potentially win cool NFT prizes. 

Our players love to hear about new projects and we would love to hear from you! Please email [email protected] or message @goldenbaboons or @pck_eth on Twitter/X