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Our Golden Utilities (Benefits of Being a Holder)


One of the biggest things that sets our project ecosystem apart from other NFT projects is backing up the NFT collect with a real tangible asset. Like our founder’s crypto token, the Golden Baboons and Golden Rascals are backed by a fraction of a gram of gold (.5 or 1/2 gram of gold…approx $35 when gold is $2000/oz). We have all seen a rugged project become near worthless almost overnight, its nice to know our digital assets are at least worth their weight in gold. 


Our NFT project believes holders should have FUN while waiting for their investments or collectibles mature. Our project was created for the shareholder base and extended to the web3 community. Our “social club” continues to grow and offer more activities throughout the week. What started with POKER NIGHT has grown to BINGO NIGHT, 8-Ball Night, and soon Karaoke, Chess Club, and Horse Racing. Relationships with platforms and groups such as Green Visor Gang, PhotoFinish, and Bad-A-Billiards have allowed us to bring a variety of entertainment to our holders. 


The Golden Rascals have teamed up with JellyCo’s SolSuite and their turn-key utility platform to bring EVEN MORE cool utility to our holder base. One of the most innovative on the platform is their trait market which will allow holders to buy/swap particular traits on their NFTS so they can re-customize their asset in hopes of increasing its rarity or to make it more to their liking.


The currency of the Golden Rascals ecosystem will the be the RASCAL token. This will be a UTILITY token or “Reward Token” with value only inside the Golden Baboons/Rascals ecosystem. These tokens will be earned through various activities such as clan wars, adventures, staking or earning/winning. These tokens will be used to recieve discounts, enter raffles, redeem for merchandise or event tickets, etc.  Goal is to have the token implemented shortly after the mint.


Our goal is to have Clan Wars within the Rascals project where each base character is a faction that competes against the others as in LIONS vs BEARS vs CROCODILES vs HYENAS. There will be set war time lengths and the format will be winners take all where the winning faction splits the total staking pool amongst the stakers. More information will be available once Clan Wars is initiated and may be subject to change.


Another SolSuite utility. Send your NFT off on an adventure and earn Rascal tokens after a completed adventure. 


Another SolSuite utility. Raffles utilize the MONET platform. LootBoxes will be apart of the JellyDrop utility. More details and installations will become avaialble after mint.


Our community wallet has been known to grab cool NFTs at times in hopes of rewarding its holders with cool prizes and investing for the future. Yuga Labs Otherside Deed purchase early on has played a enormous role in our folklore development. We have maximized the virtual land by having a Koda and all 3 Maras. We now feel we are ready and positioned for the next phase. As a project, we have high hopes that one day our holders will be able to play and hang out in this golden world we have coined “Tequila Falls” whether its a virtual game or an actual metaverse. 


The projects have a shop set up offering cool merchandise with Golden Baboon logos and sayings. We hope to add more graphics and Golden Rascal related items very soon. We love to see creativity from the community, so if you have a cool design or saying, lets offer it in the shop! VISIT THE STORE


One of the biggest things that many people forget is the power of the community. Its a living, breathing think tank full of creative individuals with experience, know how and connections that could pick up up on a day you’re feeling blue, or know of a job opening, or gave solid advice, or informed you of an amazing opportunity. Rubbing shoulders also allows YOU to help others too. Being apart of a close knot social club can be a rewarding experience. Hop in our DISCORD or participate in our Friday community spaces (usually 1-3PM EST) or hang out and have some fun on one of our game nights. Hope to meet you soon!