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All About the Golden Rascals

4 Base Characters





8 Attributes

  1. Base Character
  2. Background
  3. Fur
  4. Eyes
  5. Mouth
  6. Headware
  7. Clothings
  8. Right Hand

Collection Specs

  • 125+ Traits
  • 10 – 1:1’s
  • 10 – Honorary Founders
  • 8888 total NFTS
  • 2217 of each base character
  • Backed by 1/2 gram of gold 


After a successful MINT OUT of the original Baboon collection, as a project, we kept building through the bear market. Our goal was to continue to offer more and to expand the IP. Although the baboons may disagree, we had to spice things up in Tequila Falls (a paradise filled with unlimited spoils of food, gold and tequila…) so we introduced the Golden Shorts Rascal Club. These are the antagonists to our fun-loving, hard-working golden baboons. 

The “shorts”, a wallstreet or investing style term, will add an immense array of storyline options and future gamification for the IP as we now have a good guys -vs- bad guys story model. The team, along with the holders, struggled on just 1 Rascal base character, so we decided to go with 4! The rascals were born to bring havoc to Tequila Falls where their mission is to steal and trick the baboons out of their tequila and gold. The mishevious characters will be made up of lions, bears, crocodiles and hyenas. 

To make the “art side” of the collection even more interesting, we actually kept the same traits for each base character. This meant the artist had to draw or render the same trait 4x to fit each unique character. The image at the top of the page is an example of all 4 characters with the exact same traits. In addition, we used the same artist as the original golden baboons for the art (SukArtOen) and music artist for the anthem (BrandYn Burnette) to maintain the synergy between the collections and the overall brand. 

Besides the wallstreet underlying theme, the traits for these rascals were created to bring reference to multiple facets of the collection. First were the gold mining roots of the project (shovels, pick axes, mining helmets, etc) and then we took the evil criminal, sneaky bad guy angle (pimps, mobsters, jailbirds), while also celebrating the entertainment side with poker, chess, 8ball, horse racing and other sports related traits. Some traits, similar to the original baboon collection, will have their own utility where owning the trait will allow access to or the ability to do something fun or participate in.